Richard Cherry


Network Coordinator

Richard & Gail,  Husband & Wife Team

During Smithsonian Award Ceremonies

Gail Nichols

Registered Nurse

Sales & Marketing


Over the last 8 years we visited numerous corporations at great expense, only to discover their mid-management teams saw us a their group's competitor instead of their group's expansion - so nothing happened other than a huge waste of time & money ON BOTH SIDES - so AMAZON WON.

By now you already know your past, present and future exposure to Amazon.

You also know only The Consortium Network and it's powerful members can offset Amazon.

This leaves the operating details of how all this is done which we will gladly share CONFIDENTIALLY with all serious members.

TO BECOME A MEMBER join us now.  $4,500 is the cost for registration that includes our first visit with you to answer your concerns.

Thereafter, you will also be welcomed to join The Consortium Network as a MAJOR MARKETING PARTNER active participating OWNER as one of the Top 30 Retailers on our current program. The Consortium Network is currently valued at $35 Million USD. You will be authorized to purchase your pro-rata share of up to 70% of the ownership of The Consortium Network.  THIS IS NOT MANDATORY.  Any ownership you do not claim will be available to all other MAJOR MARKETING PARTNERS.

When you have sent your MEMBER payment please advise when you would like to discuss further action.  Travel costs are extra.