Not These Guys.

The E-Commerce Revolutionary War

Will Be Won By YOU And 

One Million Of These Guys

​And All Their Local Friends And Neighbors


Without creating The Consortium, all we would be is The Original 3rd Party Provider:

The Consortium Network WOULD NOT EXIST,

Amazon PRIME would win Chart TWO by default in 5 to 10 years - GUARANTEED.

 If sales continue to leave the stores and go to online warehouses at the current compounding growth rate,
America (and you) will soon face an apocalypse of shocking proportions,
Beyond anything either Franklin or Aesop could have imagined.


As Roosevelt & Franklin did by UNITING allies facing the same enemies years ago.

Retail is the largest private sector employer in America.

There are 42 million jobs supported by the retail industry,

And 3.8 million retail establishments

That are now  At High Risk due to Amazon PRIME'S Aggression against you,

Including your local area stores and employees,

So Far In 2015 there have been 9,201 Store Closings of The Largest US Brick-and-Mortar Retail Chains

Just imagine how many Mom & Pop local stores closed putting thousand more people out of work.

The Entire B&M Industry Is Ready To UNITE  against a powerful common enemy:  Amazon PRIME.

 But local stores need the B&M Industry Leaders TO LEAD THE WAY

We're the catalyst,

You Are The Industry Leader In Your Market Segment.

The apocalypse must be Stopped BY YOU Right Now . . . Before It Happens.

As Ben Franklin so wisely said:  "Join, Or Die".

UNITED YOU WILL STAND - DIVIDED YOU WILL FALL - Aesop's and Ben Franklin's Advice - Not Ours

But We Do Agree With Them,

How About You ?       

But The One Million Good Guys

Need Great Leaders Like These Guys

If A Colony Of Ants Can Defeat A Herd Of Elephants

You and 1 Million Local Retailers


gives you 


That Certainly Can Defeat Amazon PRIME.