​Bricks & Mortar executives now generally agree that the Internet has changed the World FOREVER.

But the these charts confirm a very strong Resistance To Change by Bricks & Mortar Retailers causing them to become irrelevant losing Their POWER  to Amazon PRIME.

They agreed with the Internet but refused the revolutionary thinking the new Internet consumer demanded.

Because they can’t control the Internet, they stick to what they can control, giving up the real growth to those who adopted the Internet based on the consumer’s demand for CONVENIENCE as conclusively proven in each of these 5 Key Business Ratio Charts > > > > > 

Bricks & Mortar stores were becoming irrelevant to the new Internet-based consumer.



Uniting means you continue doing EXACTLY what you are now doing in a UNITED "MALL" Basis.  Very similar to moving your operations from a now barren field into a new well populated ONLINE Regional Mall where all the consumers have gone.   Your products and operations didn't change, only your location did.

Overcoming Resistance To Change

The POWER Behind Relevancy

Today consumers are flocking to the Online "Malls" that sell virtually "Everything".

Today they are called Amazon.com & Walmart.com.

The CONSORTIUM Network is simply the THIRD and newest ONLINE MALL that sells EVERYTHING Locally.  Far greater in products and services with 1 million local retailers than the other two MALLS "across the street" called Amazon.com & Walmart.com.

The interesting thing about the only solution to these charts is UNITING REQUIRES NO CHANGE TO WHAT YOU ARE CURRENTLY DOING.

Virtually all major corporations share the philosophy of preferring to do MAJOR things in-house where they can control the outcome . . . and the profits.  Target said this the most succinctly:  “We never accept outside ideas.  All our ideas come from our internal staff.”  Then McDonald’s classically proved it . . . see below.

Starting in 2009 we tried showing major Bricks & Mortar (B&M) retailers how to capture the Trillion Dollar Market, but to no avail.  Our entrepreneurial ideas weren’t welcome.  Only established entities needed to apply.

By 2009 profitability of Internet Retailers surpassed B&M, so we rang the warning bells loudly.

Major Retailers Listened, But Nobody Acted.

Here’s The Result:  B&M Revenue Growth DECLINED – Profits SLOWED – Major Corporations DISAPPEARED

By 2017 Internet Based Retailer AVERAGE REVENUE will double Bricks & Mortar.

Using this same analogy, we are inviting you to join now  as owners of this huge and POWERFUL "MALL" or join later as Anchor Tenants.

See Section "The MMP DEAL" for details.